Yes bank share price target 2030 – 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 and 2030

yes bank share price target 2030 – What is the future of Yes Bank share in 2030? – In today’s post, we will talk about Yes Bank Share Price Target 2030, what is the future of Yes Bank in 2030? Investing in this today, how much return is likely to be received in 2030, whether it will be good for future investment or not.

Here we will evaluate on the basis of today’s Yes Bank Share Price Target 2022 that what is going on in Yes Bank’s Share Price today and how much return you can get from it in future 2030 so that you can invest your money in Yes Bank’s share and from this Get good returns.

Friends, there was a time when the share price of Yes Bank used to appear around Rs 400, but nowadays its price is running very low, due to which very few people are investing in the shares of Yes Bank today, but many people are guessing its price in the future. Will grow

So let’s know about Yes Bank Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030 that what is the future of Yes Bank’s share price.

What is Yes Bank and what is its share price?

Friends, if you are interested in investing in the stock market, then before investing in the shares of a company, it is necessary to get complete information about that company, how reliable that company is, how long it has been running and its share price. There are so many ups and downs.

So we are talking here about the future investment of Yes Bank 2030, so first of all you should know what is Yes Bank, then Yes Bank is a bank like a normal bank where you deposit your money safely and meet your needs. I take it out from there and use it.

If you have an account in a bank, then you should not need to tell about the bank, what is a bank, but a bank account holder knows very little that all these banks invest their money in the stock market, in which any common One can buy shares of these banks and invest their money in the stock market.

Here you work as a partner with the bank, as this bank company grows, you also grow, which is dependent on the total stock market, here if the market goes up, then you gain and if it goes down, you lose.

Similarly, this is also Yes Bank in which you can invest your money, Yes Bank was started by two persons Rana Kapoor and Ashok Kapoor salt in the year 2004, 1 year after it started IPO of Yes Bank came which IPO 300 crores Who was

Which is a huge amount, from here the investment of Yes Bank started which was trading at ₹400 but soon its price came down to around ₹13.

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At the time of fall in the stock, there was a terrorist attack in Mumbai on 26/11/2008 in which Ashok Kapoor was killed, after which Ashok’s wife Madhu Kapoor got the shares of Yes Bank, but then Rana Kapoor started doing all the work alone from here. And in no time, he had made Yes Bank the fourth largest bank in India and its share price had again reached around ₹400.

Now from here Yes Bank has come in the eyes of RBI (Reserve Bank of India) who started investigating this bank in which many scams were found many people had taken loans from this bank which they did not repay due to which Rana Kapoor November 2019 I sold all the shares of Yes Bank and resigned from the post of CEO, since then the share price of Yes Bank is continuously falling.

Here is some information about Yes Bank, let us now know about Yes Bank’s 2030 investment, what is the future of Yes Bank, how beneficial it can be to invest in it.

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2030

Friends, the future of any share depends on the Share Market, how it will be in 2030, 2022 or 2025, but people predict the future by looking at the market, which is sometimes wrong and can also be right.

But if we talk about the future of Yes Bank Share 2030 here, then its future is not going to be very good, but then people predict and believe that it will give good returns till 2030 and that is why many people are also investing in it.

Friends, the problem of this bank was that it gave many loans, which it could not recover till date, but recently this bank has started giving retail loans instead of corporate loans and for your information, let us tell you that compared to corporate loans Retail loans are considered more secure.

Because the NPA in Retail Loan is very less, due to which people estimate that the business of Yes Bank can also grow well in the future 2030, where the Share Price of Yes Bank is also expected to increase, which in 2030 will go from Rs 99 to Rs 180. may or may go further.

Here there can be many doubts in the mind of many people because it is a matter of future, whose truth or lie will be told by the future, but let us talk about Yes Bank Share Price Target 2022, what will be the share price of Yes Bank today. has been and how it can increase till 2030.

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2022

Friends, after the last few declines in Yes Bank, now it has become almost stable in one place, in which there is not much change, it goes up a bit, then it is coming back to the same place and that is the reason that people are hopeful. That it will go up now.

Here a lot of good news is also coming from Yes Bank side like filling of loan, changing the rule of giving loan, due to which people are increasing even more hope that the share price of Yes Bank will now increase, due to which now many people are also investing in it.

For this reason, many people estimate that Yes Bank Share Price Target 2022 can see a boom and its share price can go up to Rs.20 and the second target can go up to Rs.22. Maybe you yourself think what will be the Yes Bank Share Price 2030 which is going to come after eight years.

Although the world is based on hope, but still many people sit in the hope that if the share price of yes bank increases, then they will invest their money, they are looking like the target of 2022, which is the first target, you will get 20 rupees and The second target is Rs.22.

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2023

Friends, the biggest problem of Yes Bank has been NPA, which has become an obstacle for any big boom of this bank, due to which no big boom is being seen in Yes Bank, but now Yes Bank has started working fast on this NPA. Due to which its price is expected to increase.

In the coming few days, as the NPAs of Yes Bank will be seen recovering, on the same basis, you can see a rise in the share price of the bank, however, it is not easy for Yes Bank to recover the huge NPA of the bank so soon. It is a difficult task, due to which there is no hope of increasing the share price so fast, as soon as the NPA is recovered, the same increase will be seen.

But gradually the right NPA is expected to be recovered due to which Yes Bank Share Price Target 2030 is going to be better as well as Yes Bank Share 2023 is also likely to be better where its price first target is Rs.27 and second target is Rs.30 Can go up to

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2024

Friends, if we talk about the deposits of Yes Bank, then Yes Bank had deposits up to 1,05364 crores, but due to some changes in the management, on June 2020, the deposits of Yes Bank increased to 1,17,360 crores.

But even after that continuous decline, if we talk about Yes Bank Share Price 2024, it is being speculated to go from Rs 40 to Rs 45, according to which people are telling Yes Bank Share Price Target 2030 even better. As I told you above.

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2025

Friends, the possibility of a boom in Yes is also being attributed to the fact that Yes Bank Product, which includes things like Credit Card, Consumer Banking, Corporate Banking, Private Banking, Finance and Insurance, Mortgage Loans, Investment Banking and Wealth Management, is expected to start in 2020. It has caused a lot of damage.

But now many people believe that now their price will also increase gradually, due to which you Yes Bank Share Price can be much better from 2022 to 2030 and thinking that many people are also investing, which is a good sign according to this bank share. I can see.

That is why many people estimate that in Yes Bank Share Price 2025, the first target of Yes Bank’s share in 2025 can be Rs 55 and the second target can be Rs 62, which can be considered better to a great extent.

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2026

Friends, Yes Bank’s problem has been due to giving loans to people, which could not be recovered to a great extent, but then it has recovered a lot of loans, if you look at its loan book, you can see good Diversification, where all the attention of the bank is to reduce NPA. But it’s on.

And now this bank has started giving retail instead of giving corporate loans, which is much better, so Yes Bank Share Price is expected to improve in 2026, where the first target of its share price can be Rs 70 and the second target can be up to Rs 75.

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030 Table

2022 Target Rs 20 to Rs 22
2023 Target Rs 27 to Rs 30
2024 Target Rs 40 to Rs 45
2025 Target Rs 55 to Rs 62
2026 Target Rs 70 to Rs 75
2030 Target Rs 180+ may be

Yes Bank Share Price Target For Long Term?

Friends, if you invest in the shares of a good company in the long term, it is 100% beneficial for you because a good company always grows, along with which you grow and your money grows.

The biggest example of which is Warren Buffett, who started investing only at the age of 11, but he always invested in a good company and used to invest for the long term.

But this does not mean that more money is available only in long term investment because today there are many investors who invest daily and earn lakhs from it, but the risk is more in the short term and the risk in the long term can be considered a little less. Is

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2035?

Friends, most of the experts investing in the share market believe that Yes Bank Share Price Target can be Rs 400 + in the coming time in 2035, whose second target is expected to go up to Rs 500, so this investment can be considered better.

Here, most of the new investors are not able to keep patience in long term investment, due to which they miss out on big profits, so if you want to invest for a long time, then you can invest in Yes Bank shares and hold it for a long time. can hold

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2040?

Friends, as you have understood about the Yes Bank Share Price of 2035, when it is possible to increase the share price of Yes Bank in 2035 itself, then you can also estimate yourself that after five years in 2040, the share price of Yes Bank will increase. what will be the cost

Friends, according to today, the rate at which the share price of Yes Bank is increasing, if we compare the same in 2040, then it is estimated that Yes Bank Share Price Target can be seen in 2040 at Rs 800+, whose second target is Rs 900+. could

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2050?

Friends, most people think about such a long investment in Long Term Investment, which according to me is not correct because even in Long Term Investment, you should invest maximum for 20 years, but still many people Yes Bank Share Want to know about Price Target 2050

So here in 2050 the share price of Yes Bank is likely to be Rs 3000+ and its second target can go up to Rs 3200 but my suggestion would be that if you do not do such a long term investment then it is better, especially those people whose age is above 40 years

Yes Bank Share Price Target For Long Term 2035, 2040, 2050

2035Target Rs 400 to Rs 500
2040Target Rs 800 to Rs 900
2050Target Rs 3000 to Rs 3200

How to buy Yes Bank Share?

Friends, according to me, Upstox is better to buy Yes Bank shares, from where you can buy Yes Bank stock easily and without charges, for this you will need to create an account of Upstox App only once, for which you can do this Post What is Upstox App, how can you earn money from it, from creating an account to investing in it, you will get complete information in detail.

Pay attention – Stock Market Before investing any money in any stock, get complete information about the Stock Market because it can also be a risk for you.

When is the right time to buy Yes Bank shares?

Friends, there has been a lot of decline in Yes Bank Share Price 2022 at this time, so investing in Yes Bank at this time can be a good option because at this time you will get shares of Yes Bank at a lower price.

And if it performs well in the future then you are also likely to get a lot of profit because of the decline in Yes Bank is NPA and in the coming time Yes Bank corrects NPA then definitely investors will benefit but if it is correct If not, there is a possibility of loss too, so invest in it after thinking carefully.

Because this is such a company which is almost going to end due to decline because it is a main bank in banks due to which this bank is also getting support from RBI and Government of India, on the basis of which this company Still standing till today.

Now what will be its future, only time will tell, but according to the way this bank has got help and it is working itself, future 2030 is likely to be better, so accordingly you can invest in it.

Still, in my view, you should not invest all the money in this because there are other good companies, such as for this you can read this post Urja Global Share Price Target 2030, whose future looks much better.

Conclusion – Yes Bank Share Price Target 2030

So friends, this was some information about Yes Bank Share Price Target in which you know what is Yes Bank, what is its share price, in which we have talked in detail about Yes Bank Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030. How much can the price of Yes Bank increase in future?

I hope this information Yes Bank Share Price Target 2030 has been helpful for you, in which you have got information about all the share price of Yes Bank, so that you can think of investing for the future whether you should invest in this company or No.

FAQs – yes bank share price target 2030

Q. How will the future 2030 hold for Yes Bank share?

Ans – Friends, it is not expected to be very good, but according to the support received and Yes Bank itself is working, it can be expected to be better than today.

Q. Will it be right to invest in Yes Bank shares?

Ans – It may happen or not, 50 – 50% can also be considered because there is risk in it, so invest here only that money which you do not feel sorry for.

Q. Who is the CEO of Yes Bank?

Ans – Friends, in today’s time Prashant Kumar is the CEO of Yes bank.

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