Tiki App Review 2023 – How To Make Money On tiki app?

Today’s post is about How to earn money from Tiki App?, in which we will give you complete information about what is Tiki App, download it and create an account, upload video in Tiki App and earn money from Tiki App using the feature.

Friends, many of you will know about earning money by uploading videos, whether it is about Youtube, Instagram or Facebook or any other app, the way to earn money by uploading videos is much better, in which you can earn very well. Let’s do

But nowadays it is not easy to earn money by making videos on Instagram, Facebook or Youtube because there is a lot of competition here but you can easily earn money by uploading your videos in other new apps in which there is an option to earn money by sharing videos because here There is very less competition.

Similar to this Tiki App which also gives you the option of Video Sharing where you can create and upload a lot of your videos and earn a lot of money from it.

By the way, you will not get any option to monetize videos like Youtube in Tiki App, yet you can earn money from Tiki App by using other methods, that too can earn good money, not a lot.

So if you want to know that How to earn money from Tiki App?, then read this post completely, what is Tiki App, how it works, what are its features, download it, create an account in it and earn money by uploading videos here. Full details are given in this post

What is Tiki App?

Friends Tiki App is a Short Video Sharing Platform where you can create and share videos from 1 second to 60 seconds along with being entertained by watching videos and monetize the shared videos in many ways and earn money from it.

This App is also an App like TikTok, which gives you the feature of earning money by sharing your videos along with entertaining you by watching videos, here you can find comedy videos, funny videos, knowledgeable videos, art and craft videos, hack videos, motivational videos and many more. There is video that you can make.

And here you can share in Tiki App, here you will not get the feature of Video Monetization from Ads like Youtube, but still Affiliate Marketing, Refer And Earn, Sponsor Video, Products Selling etc. can earn money from Tiki App.

Till now you have understood what is Tiki App, so let us now know how to download this Tiki App, create an account in it and earn money from Tiki App by watching and sharing videos in it.

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What are the features of Tiki App?

Friends, the feature of Tiki App is quite simple, which even a less educated person can use easily, whether it is about entertainment by watching videos here or earning money by uploading videos, everything is very easy, so let’s look at some of its good features. Let’s put

1. Home

When you download the Tiki App for the first time and open it, you see something like this where the short videos in it automatically get played as soon as the App is opened.
This is the home page of this App where some features are given below and some features are about which we are going to talk below.

2. Search

Friends can use this feature to search for a video or to find another Tiki account, whatever you search here will be available in Tiki App, it will be found.

3. Notification

Friends, here you get Notification, if you upload any video, then like / comment and follow someone, then the notification of the same video appears here, all kinds of notifications.

4. Profile

This is how you create your account on Tiki App and add your complete profile. This total is related to your profile where you can see how many followers, followings and likes you can see. All the settings are there.

5. Discovery

At the top, you get a Discover feature, here you will get to see the video that is discovered in the Tiki App.

6. Follow

Friends, next to Discover, you get the feature of Follow, from here you can follow the favorite people of Tiki App, here those people appear who are more famous on Tiki App.

7. For You

The video of Feed appears here, which is also set by default on opening Tiki App, where you can watch many videos by scrolling.

So friends this is some feature inside Tiki App which you can use which is quite easy.

How to download Tiki App?

Downloading Friends Tiki App is very easy because this App is available on Play Store which you can easily download and start earning money using it.

For this you just have to go to Play Store where you will see a search bar, in this search bar you have to write Tiki App and search after that you will get this app easily which you can install in your mobile.

Friends, Tiki App is very popular in today’s time, which has been downloaded by 50 million people from Playstore, this App has got a good rating of 4.2 and this App is only 47 MB, which can be easily used in any Smart Phone. Is.

How to create an account on Tiki App (Sign Up Process)?

Friends, it is very easy to create an account on Tiki App, here you can create an account in Tiki App with mobile number, Google or Facebook means you can sign up, so let’s know its process.

  • Step 1. First of all you have to download Tiki App from Play Store.
  • Step 2. Now you will open this Tiki App, as soon as you open the Tiki App, the short video of this App starts playing in front of you.
  • Step 3. Now you have to click on your profile icon at the bottom and create your account.
  • Step 4. When you click on your profile, the option to create an account comes in front of you, in which you can create an account with mobile number, Google and Facebook.
  • Step 5. If you choose the option of mobile number here, then you have to enter the mobile number, then you have to enter Otp, but you can sign up directly from Google and Facebook.

Here it will be very easy to signup from Google, for which you will click on Google, then you have to select your Email Id, then you will give a username and click on Create Account.

As soon as you do this, you will be signed up with this App, where you will see your profile, as well as the Wallet of this App, you will also see some ways of how to earn money from Tiki App.

So till now what is your Tiki App but the account has been created, now let us know how to use this App and earn money from it.

How to make and upload video in Tiki App?

Friends, it is very easy to make a video on Tiki App, here you do not have to make a big video, you can make a video from 15 seconds to one minute, for which you can use the Tiki App itself or make a video from anywhere directly here. can upload.

How to make a Professional Video, I have told in this post Youtube Par Video Kaise Banaye and how to earn money, which this method is for Youtube, but by following this method, you can also make a video for Tiki App, just here you have to make a short video. No long video.

So let us now tell you how to make and upload a video in Tiki App, which you can upload directly from Tiki App and your mobile camera.

  • Step 1. To create any video or upload the created video, first of all you have to click on the option of Upload (+).
  • Step 2. When you click on this upload (+) option, the camera will open in front of you, from here you can shoot any video or upload any video by taking it from the gallery.
  • Step 3. If you also make video suits from Tiki App, here you get the facility to apply music, stickers, text, effects and filters inside your video, so that you can make a good video.
  • Step 4. After making the video good, add title and description on that video as well as using HashTag so that your video performs well.
  • Step 5. Keep in mind that here you will have to make some video, whether it is for entertainment or for any information, when the user gets something, only then people will like to watch that video, only then you will be able to earn money from Tiki App.

How to earn money from Tiki App?

Friends, there are five best ways to earn money from Tiki App in which (1) Earn money from Affiliate Marketing (2) Earn money from Sponsorship (3) Earn money from URL Shortener (4) Earn money by referring (5) Earn money by selling products You can earn very good money from Tiki App.

But to earn money in this way, you have to create and share your video in Tiki App and create some good followers User Base, only then you can earn money from Tiki App.

Here also you will get many options to earn money, from which you can earn even lakhs of rupees per month, depending on how hard you work, then let’s know how many ways are there to earn money from Tiki App.

Earn money by promoting product

Friends, when you have too many followers on Tiki App while making videos, then many product selling companies give you the option of product promotion where you promote their product on your Tiki account and in return get better offers from those companies. earns money

Here you can get lakhs of rupees for promoting each product, depending on how many followers you have and for how many days the company wants to promote which product.

In today’s time, any company uses online methods to sell its products, because nowadays everyone mostly buys products online, in such a situation, you have this better option to earn money from Tiki App, in which you do not even need to go anywhere.

Earn money from Affiliate Marketing

Friends, this method is also of product selling, but here you earn commission by selling the product of a company directly, in which you need Affiliate Account from where you create Affiliate link and get the product sold through these links only.

At this time, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Hosting companies, Theme companies, Blogging Tools companies are many such companies on the Internet, whose affiliate program you can join for free and earn fixed commission by selling their different products.

Here you have to search in Google by writing the name of the company whose Affiliate Program you want to join and affiliate next to it, you will get the link to join the Affiliate Program of that company where you can do Affiliate Marketing by joining the Affiliates Program of that company. can start.

Here you have to create an Affiliate Account in a way that requires different requirements, only then you get Approval, after that you can create an Affiliate link of any product of that company and share it in the Video of Tiki App.

Now the user who watches the video and buys that product by clicking on this link, you will get a fixed commission which can be 10 to 100% or even 200% depending on which company you have joined. Product is selling.

Here some company gives you some % commission of product sale only once but some company gives you life time recurring commission which is the best option of how to earn money from Tiki App in which you can earn lakhs.

Earn money from Refer And Earn

Friends, Refer And Earn is also similar to Affiliates Marketing, just you do not have to sell the product here, but you have to join people with these companies, for which that company gives you referral commission, recurring commission which varies from company to company. There are different commissions.

Here you will find many Apps and Websites whose referral program you can join for free and by taking their referral link or code, you can share it on your Tiki App. will get.

Here the referral conditions of each company may be different and their commission may also be different, in some you get referral commission for creating an account, in some you get commission on making a payment, some company gives you Rs 500 or more. So someone gives 50 rupees or 100 rupees only.

Some give referral commission only once and some give life time recurring commission in which you will find many companies like Upstox App, Paytm Money, Phone Pe, Ezioc, Link Shortener whose referral you can use and earn money from Tiki App Can

Earn money from URL Shortener

Friends, this method is also to earn money by sharing the link in which you join some company and from there you can shorten any URL and earn money by sharing it somewhere.

Friends, this URL Shortener is a kind of site which has the feature of shortening any URL, as well as puts an advertisement in this shortened URL, so that you share that URL somewhere and click on that URL. So first of all 10 second ads appear then that URL is open.

Here you get paid for showing these ads, for which you will have to join a URL Shortener website and share some URLs from there on the Tiki App, whoever clicks on this URL, you will get click money here as much as you The more you click on this URL, the more money you can earn.

Some good URL Shortener Websites and the whole process of joining it, shortening the URL from here and earning money from it, how do you earn money from this post URL Shortener Websites? I will definitely read it only then use it.

Earn money by selling your own products

Friends, money can be earned by selling any product through Tiki App, if you make any product of your own or buy and sell products to others and want to earn money, then you can do this easily on Tiki App. Can do

To sell any product through Tiki App, you can make a video of that product, put a link to that product or share that product on Tiki App from where your followers will buy that product and you will earn money.

This work is done on a commission basis, where you buy a product from somewhere and sell that product for more money or you sell your made product by keeping a commission, the more the product is sold, the more money you earn.

Here many people have a problem that they do not have any product, so in this case you can use Meesho App, you will get more information about how to earn money from this post Meesho App.

Conclusion – How to earn money from Tiki App

So friends, this was some information about earning money from Tiki App, in which you know what is Tiki App, how it works, how to download it, how to create an account, what are its features and all the ways of Tiki App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye about.

I hope this information has been useful for you, which you would have liked, in which you will be able to understand better that how to earn money from Tiki App, so that you can also use Tiki App by sharing your video from all types of Tiki App. Can earn money.

How did you like this information, you can comment or give your opinion about this post, as well as share the post with your friends and relatives on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter or other social media so that more people can use Tiki App. Learned about earning money.

FAQs –

Q. How much money can be earned from Tiki App?

Ans – You can earn unlimited money, it depends on how much work you do and how much you earn.

Q. What is the benefit of making videos on the Tikki app?

Ans – Friends, you can earn money from this as well as you can earn name where more people know you, it also gives fame and respect.

Q. To which country does the Tiki app belong?

Ans – Friends Tiki App is Singapore’s App. The company that created the Tiki app is DOL Technology PTE.

Q. Who is the owner of Tikki Video App?

Ans – Friends, you can earn money from this as well as you can earn name where more people know you, it also gives fame and respect.

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