Noida full form – What is the full form of Noida?

NOIDA Full Form? If you live in India, then you must have heard the name of Noida, you must have been there or even if you do not have a home there, but do you know What is The Full Form Of NOIDA, I say 100% do not know. Must be some % can accept.

By the way, seeing this NOIDA name, many people think that it can be a flower farm, so in today’s post, along with Noida’s flower farm, I will give you a lot of information about NOIDA, in which there is 100% guarantee that you will get more than 10% There will be no information.

So NOIDA is a city situated near the capital of India, New Delhi, whose area is 203 square kilometers, which we know as the industrial city of India because it is considered the industrial hub of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

But when and who founded this city and for what, what is Noida city geography & business, read this post completely for information about all these, then let’s first know what is Noida’s flower farm.

NOIDA Full Form?

Friends NOIDA’s full form is New Okhla Industrial Development Authority (New Okhla Industrial Development Authority) because it is a part of Okhla Delhi but NOIDA is not much different from New Delhi and Okhla.

New Okhla Industrial Development Authority

By the way, now NOIDA is completely considered a part of Uttar Pradesh, but earlier it was in Delhi only, which was later divided, that’s why even today many people consider NOIDA as Delhi, one of the reasons is that it is a bit difficult for the people to grow up in Noida. It seems while speaking Delhi seems easy.

But be that as it may, this NOIDA city is a satellite city of Delhi NCR, despite its cleanliness and greenery being only 50%, it is the greenest city in the country, which according to this gets the first place in Rankin.

NOIDA beat Mumbai to win the title in a 2015 survey “Best City Award” conducted by ABP News in which NOIDA is among the cleanest 25 cities.

The headquarters of Noida is Greater Noida, where about 10 lakh people live, which has a name and Gautam Buddha Nagar, which is also a part of the Lok Sabha. Noida Full Form Many people do not go there because its name is like a word. What seems to be the Flower Farm of Noida is nothing at all.

Well, now you must have come to know Noida Full Form – New Okhla Industrial Development Authority, so let us now know when and who established Noida and why.

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History of Noida | Gautam Buddh Nagar History

Friends, many people do not know the answer to this question, so first of all, if we talk about the establishment of Noida, then this city came in front of the people in the year 1975-1976, but the day of establishment of Noida is celebrated on 17 April because 17 Noida was established on April 1976 itself.

Now if we talk about who founded Noida, then it was founded by Sanjay Gandhi, the son of Indira Gandhi, the first woman Prime Minister of our country, about whom you might be aware.

But now the question is why Noida was established, then Noida was made for industries and business, that’s why a project was started in 1976 called UP Industrial Area Development Act, which means industries and business started.

Noida was created for the Special Economic Zone, in which Sanjay Gandhi played an important role, due to which today Noida is the city with the Highest Per Capita Income in Uttar Pradesh, where IT companies are maximum.

In this way, you must have understood that when, by whom and why Noida was established, so let us now know about the geography & business of Noida city in Noida Full Form.

What is the geography and business of Noida city?

Friends, it is true that most of the villages i.e. Village Town are settled in Noida, in which there is a lot of gram sabha, but it is much better than any other gram sabha, where there are good employment options, where most of the people are from middle class family, so we will study the geography of this Noida. And if we look at the business, it is something like this.

  • Development Block – 4
  • Geography Area – 1,442 KM2
  • Gram Sabha – 243
  • Justice Panchayat – 38
  • Literate – 627930; 402230(M), 225700(F)
  • Official website –
  • Tehsil – 3
  • Total Town -8
  • Total Village – 343
  • Total population – 1105290 ; 600950(M), 504340(F)

Top 10 Companies in Noida

Friends, there are not only 10 but hundreds of companies in Noida, along with there are more than 10,000 SMEs, where not only from our country but also from outside, there are some companies whose office or head office is in this Noida, here I will give you the list of top 10 companies. I am like this.

  1. Birla Soft LTD
  2. DishTV India LTD
  3. HCL Technologies LTD
  4. Havells India LTD
  5. India Mart Inter Mesh LTD
  6. Info Edge (India) LTD (
  7. Jubilant Food Works LTD
  8. One97 Communications LTD ( Paytm )
  9. TV18 Broadcast Ltd (ibn7)
  10. Zee Media Corporation LTD ( Zee News )

How many kilometer is it from Delhi to Noida? (Noida Location)

Friends, the distance of Noida from the capital New Delhi is only 25 kilometers away and in the south east, the distance of Noida from the district headquarters is 20 kilometers away. This Noida city is surrounded by Yamuna river in the western and southwest direction.

And this is the reason that the amount of oxygen here in Noida is very good, this is why people call Noida the oxygen and development giver of Delhi, because here the industrial development of Noida takes place and oxygen is also available from here.

Friends, in today’s time, BJP’s Mahesh Sharma is MP from Noida and Pankaj Singh, son of Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh, is MLA from here. The population of Noida is around 6.5 lakhs, which is according to the 2011 census, which is the majority here. People belong to Hindu religion.

Here the headquarters of many companies in Noida, in which I have told you the names of some companies above, which include big companies like HCL, Paytm, as well as the offices of all these companies will also be found in Noida, in which Microsoft, Samsung, Thomson Returns etc.

Conclusion – What is Noida’s flower farm?

So friends, this was something about Noida city where you got to know NOIDA Full Form – “New Okhla Industrial Development Authority” (New Okhla Industrial Development Authority) along with the establishment of Noida, its Geography, Business and Top 10 Companies of Noida go about.

I hope this information will be helpful for you, in which you will get complete information about Noida city, how did you like this information? Can read the post.

Q. When was Noida established?

Ans – Friends, Noida was established on 9 June 1997, earlier this city was some rural part of Bulandshahr and Ghaziabad districts.

Q. In which state does Noida fall?

Ans – Friends, Noida is very near to Delhi but still it falls in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

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