jio chat App Review 2023 – How To Make Money On jio chat app?

What is Jio Chat App, how to earn money from it Hello friends, do you know what is Jio Chat App, how it works, what are its features and how to earn money from it, if you do not know, then this post is for you, in which you will know that WhatsApp In detail about how to earn money from Jio Chat App, an alternative app of App and Telegram App.

Friends, although there are popular social media messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram, you do not need any other alternative app, but Jio has always been a special thing.

That whenever he launches a service, he makes some different new things in it, you have already seen the example of Jio Sim, similarly it is also Jio Chat App which provides you better features and service than WhatsApp and Telegram.

Till now no such social media or any messaging app has been made on the internet which will give you Refer And Earn money, but with Jio Chat you can earn money by referral as well as this is such a messaging app in which you can direct anyone’s story. Can see whether it is added to your Jio Chat or not.

While you do not get all these options in WhatsApp and Telegram, if you use this Jio Chat once, then you will say that I will use this now, not WhatsApp and Telegram.

So if you are interested and want to know what is Jio Chat App, how to download it, how to create an account, what are its features and how to earn money from Jio Chat App, then read this post completely. Complete information related has been given in detail, so let’s first know what is Jio Chat?

What is Jio Chat App?

Friends, Jio Chat is also a social media messaging app like WhatsApp and Telegram, in which you can make Audio and Video calls along with Chatting, in this you can directly watch other’s Stories Video which you do not get such feature in WhatsApp and Telegram. Is.

This is an alternative indigenous app of WhatsApp which is made in India which is made by Jio Sim i.e. Jio company. If seen, Jio Chat App is not a new app. When Jio Phone was launched, it was present in that phone. Which was only for Jio phone but recently this app has been launched on Android and IOS platform.

In this application, you will get to see more features than WhatsApp, in this you can create your own channel like Telegram, which will be better than Telegram channel, although it is completely designed like WhatsApp, but it has the features that WhatsApp I am not

You can use this Jio Chat application on both Android and IOS platforms, which is completely free and you can earn a lot of money using it, including Jio Chat Refer And Earn, but apart from this, I will give you some more I will also tell you the ways by which you can earn well from Jio Chat.

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How to download Jio Chat App?

Friends, if you are a Jio Phone user, then this app will already be installed in your mobile phone, but if you are an Android user, then as I said, Jio Chat has been launched for Android and IOs, so if you use Android device Is.

For which if you are an Android user then you can easily download this Jio Chat App from Play Store and if you use IOS device then you can download Jio Chat from your phone’s appstore.

  • Step 1: To download Jio Chat on your phone, first open the Play Store.
  • Step 2: After the Play Store is open, type “Jio Chat” in the search bar above and search.
  • Step 3: As soon as you search Jio Chat, you will get this App on the first number, on which you have to click, then the same Install option will appear on which you have to click.

Now in no time this App will be downloaded and installed in your phone, which you can use, if for some reason this Jio Chat App is not available, then you can download it from this link.

How to create account on Jio Chat 2022?

Friends, by the way, creating an account on this Jio Chat is as easy as WhatsApp, in which only a mobile number is needed and an OTP will come on it, just enter your account, whose process will start like this.

  • Step 1. When your Jio Chat App is installed in your phone, open it, where you will see such an option.
  • Step 2. Here you have to select your country and enter your 10 digit mobile number below and click on “Accept and Proceed”.
  • Step 3. On the next step you have to enter Otp, a 4 digit Otp will come on the mobile number you entered, enter it and click on the “Submit” button below, after which you will come to this page.
  • Step 4. Here you can put your photo by clicking on the camera mark, below that you have to give your name and select whether you are male or female and click on “Ok” below.

In this way your account will be created in Jio Chat and you will be logged in where you will get to see the option exactly like WhatsApp.

Features of Jio Chat

Friends, in terms of features, Jio Chat has all the options that you should have in a messaging app like – normal chatting, video calls, voice calls in basic features as well as more advanced features are available in this app which are similar to WhatsApp and Telegram. Like it is not even in the popular messaging app.

So let’s know about some of its special features which are available in Jio Chat for you to use, in this you get features like normal messaging, group chat, voice calling, video calling and files & media sharing.

How to earn money from Jio Chat App 2023?

Friends, by the way, you can earn money in many ways by using Jio Chat App, but here I will tell you five such methods which are the best and this is not a new method or Fake method, many people know about it. Will be

By the way, according to the information found on the Internet, you can also earn money by Refer and Earn from Jio Chat, so we are going to know its truth in this post, so first of all, know about the 5 best ways which you can apply in Jio Chat. Can earn money.

By Paid Promotion

Friends, there has always been a good option to earn money by doing Paid Promotion, in which you have to promote the products and services of other companies, in return for which these companies give you money.

But for this it is most important that there are some good users in Jio Chat where you can promote these services because here you get money according to the user, the more users you have, the more you charge from these companies. Can do

In today’s time, there are many new bloggers and youtubers who promote their youtube channel or blog, which will also give you good money, but here the matter is of total user, how many users you can send on their blog or youtube.

To create a user in your Jio Chat, you can create a Youtube Channel, create a Group and also share a post, from where you will get good users, all the ways I have mentioned below to earn money, you will also need a user. Only then you can earn money.

By Affiliate Marketing

Friends, many people must have known about Affiliate Marketing, which is considered to be the biggest way to earn money on the Internet because this is the method which you can apply anywhere, similarly you can earn money from Affiliate Marketing in Jio Chat as well. Is.

Many people do not know what Affiliate Marketing is, then in Affiliate Marketing you have to sell the products of other companies, in return those companies give you commission.

For this, you have to join the Affiliate Program of a company and take out the link of its product and share it with your friends in Jio Chat, whoever buys a product by clicking on that link, you get some % commission.

In this way you can earn money from Affiliate Marketing in Jio Chat, for more information about Affiliate Marketing, you can read this post of mine How to earn money from Affiliate Marketing? Can read

From Url Shortener website

Friends, to earn money from your Jio Chat, Url Shortener is also a good option from the website, many people probably do not know about Url Shortener, this is a kind of website from where you can shorten any Url and use this link. You can earn money by sharing.

And you can share this Url in your Jio Chat, now whoever clicks on this link (URL), you will get money, now many people will say that why will you get money from this? So the url you shorten from the Url Shortener website, when someone clicks on that URL, then he sees a few seconds of ads from the Url Shortener website and Url Shortener pays you money for viewing these ads.

For which first of all you have to join any Url Shortener Website and from there you have to shorten the Url and share it in your jio Chat, here you will get money according to the click which will be deposited in your Url Shortener Website account.

Where you can transfer it to your bank when it is 5 or 10 $, now which Url Shortener website you have to join and how to join, whose complete information you will get how to earn money from this post URL Shortener website?

By Refer And Earn

Friends, apart from earning money from Jio Chat’s Refer And Earn, you can also earn money from Jio Chat by joining Refer And Earn program of other Apps and Websites where you just have to share a referral link and earn money from it.

At this time, there are many such Apps and Websites on the Internet, which you can join for free and you can earn money by taking out their referral link and sharing it in Jio Chat, in which platforms like Paytm to Google Pay, Phone Pe, Groww App and Upstox are present. In which you can get Rs. 50 to Rs. 1200 for a referral, although Upstox is the only one who gives Rs. 1200.

But apart from these, there are some referral programs which give you full life time money according to %, mainly Ezoic,, and many more whose complete information is given here on Refer And Earn.

sell your stuff

If you have a business and you make a product, then you can earn money by selling that product also through Jio Chat because nowadays everyone believes in buying online products which you can use.

Many people have a problem that they do not have any business or there is no product to sell, such people can join a shopping company like Meesho App, where you can buy the product and sell it for more money. Can earn profit.

Because Meesho gives you such options from where you can earn as much commission as you want on its product, for more information about Meesho App, you can read this post What is Meesho App and how to earn money from it.

How to earn money from Jio Chat Refer And Earn?

Friends, according to the information found on the Internet, you can earn money by Refer And Earn in Jio Chat, but I myself have seen in my Jio Chat App that I have not got any option to earn money from referral in this App.

Friends, there is an option of this App referral, but nothing has been told that you will get money from that referral, but according to my research, many blogs have been told about earning money from referrals in Jio Chat.

This means only one thing, either this offer used to be there earlier or this option is not available in the new Jio Account, if you are getting such an option in your Jio Chat, then you can earn money by using it.

Conclusion – What is Jio Chat App, how to earn money from it 2023?

Friends, this was some information about Jio Chat, in which you have learned that what is Jio Chat App, how to download it, how to create its account and what are its features as well as ways to earn money from Jio Chat App.

I hope this information will be helpful for you, which you must have liked, with the help of which you can make better use of Jio Chat, in this way you have understood better how to earn money from Jio Chat App.

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