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Today’s post we will talk about IMDB full form, many people do not know what is IMDB and what is IMDB Full Form, what is IMDb Meaning and what is the work of IMDb.

If you want to know about all this in detail, then read this post completely, in this detailed information has been given about What is IMDB? and IMDB Full Form and IMDB Meaning.

What is IMDB?

IMDb is a very famous International Movies Rating Website which was started in 1990 on October 17, it is mainly a Reviews Site.

In which many things like movies, web series, TV shows and games are reviewed, in which all these things get ratings.

IMDb full form : The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

The owner of this website is currently the Amazon Company, which is famous all over the world. The Amazon Company bought the IMDb website in the year 1998, since then till today Amazon manages all types of Hindi and English movies on this site. Rating is given.

The rating found on the IMDb website shows which movies are flops and which are super hits because the ratings found on this site are given by the movie watchers.

In which no user can give rating by visiting IMDb website, for that you have to first create your account on IMDb website only then you will be able to give rating.

The movies which get more ratings are considered super hit and the ones which get less ratings are considered flops.

IMDb Website also has its own YouTube channel from where you can watch movies and it also has an App which you can download and watch movies by opening Apple Store and Play Store.

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This is what IMDb is, now let’s talk about IMDB full form meaning.

IMDB Full Form

IMDB Meaning, the full form of IMDb is Internet Movie Database (Internet Movie Database) in which information about movies, web series and TV shows around the world is available.

This is a kind of online database in which you get complete information about biography, movie box office collection and ratings from actor to actress.

On the IMDb site, along with complete information about old movies and new upcoming movies, you also get information related to gaming such as Complete Entertainment and Gaming World.

At present, if we talk about the user on the IMDb site, there are more than 83 million registered users who watch movies and give ratings.

Apart from these, more than 10.4 million actors, actresses are connected and there are more than 7.5 million movies which have web series and video database, so you understand What is IMDB?

Where is IMDb a company?

IMDb is an American company that was started in 1990 and the computer programmer who created IMDb was Col Needham.

When IMDb was started, only information about actors, directors and actresses was shared on it and only these were given rankings.

Then after some time, films were started to be added on it, when more than 10 thousand films were done, then people started knowing it by the name of rec.arts.movies movie database.

Then later its name was changed to IMDb, since then the same name is still running today, IMDb Full Form – Online movie database.

After this, in 1998, the Amazon Company caught sight of the IMDb site and bought this site and removed it from America and spread it all over the world.

Today this site is an important part of Amazon Inc on which people from all over the world go for movie, web series and video reviews and ratings.

How is rating done on IMDb?

The system of rating on IMDb is similar to Google Play Store in which rating is given by giving stars, the only difference is that Google Play Store rating is maximum 5 and on IMDb it is maximum 10.

In which 1 star rating means – worst and 10 star rating means – is considered best, if someone gives 2, 4, 8 rating in the middle then it is considered as bad or good according to the number.

Recently you must have seen Pawan Kalyan’s film Vakeel Saab has been released, it has got 7.8 rating on IMDb and some time ago Salman Khan’s Radhe movie got 1.8 rating.

Now what is the highest rating in this and what is the lowest rating, then no matter how good a movie is, all the people watching it do not give 10 rating to that movie, suppose someone gave 10 rating, some 8 and some 5, then its average The rating that will be drawn can be 7.8 or even 1.8.

In this way, you must have understood how the rating is done on IMDb, now let’s go ahead in IMDB Full Form.

Who does IMDb Rating?

Along with common people like us and you, who do ratings on IMDb, there are also celebrities from the film industry who give a star rating after watching the film and write a review about the film in which they tell which part of the film is good. Which was bad and how was the film according to that.

When there are many ratings, the average rating of all those ratings is taken out and the same rating is shown to everyone, which you see on Google search or on this website.

To give rating on this site, first you have to create your account by visiting this site only then you will be able to give rating on IMDb site.

Which movie has the highest ratings on IMDb?

In IMDB Meaning, the name of the highest rated movie on IMDb from all over the world is The Shawshank Redemption, which was released in 1994, which has got an IMDb 9.2 rating, which is the top rated movie on IMDb so far.

If we talk about Top Rated Movies in Indian Movies, then the name of that film is Nayakan which has got an IMDb rating of 8.5, apart from this there is a Tamil film named Pariyerum Perumal which has also got an 8.5 rating on IMDb.

Apart from this, if we talk about Telugu cinema, there is a film in Telugu called Maya Bazaar which has got only 8.5 rating which is on top in IMDb.

But friends, this 8.5 rating keeps on changing from time to time because it always keeps on getting ratings or any new film which just came in new and gets more rating then it comes on top.

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Conclusion :- IMDB Full Form

So friends, this was some special information about IMDB Full Form, in which we have given complete information about what IMDB is, how IMDB works.

I hope this information IMDB Full Form must be helpful for you, so that you must have got some information, if there is any question related to it, you can ask in the comment.

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