how to write hindi blog and earn money 2023?

How to make Free Blog and earn money 2023 : Hello friends, today’s post how to write hindi blog and earn money? It is about the methods in which you will know the complete method of making absolutely free blog step by step, that too in Hindi, with the help of which you can create your absolutely free blog and earn money from it.

Friends, in today’s time every person does not have a laptop or computer but almost everyone has a smart mobile phone. Can also be made from mobile.

Friends, whenever there is talk of earning money online, how to write hindi blog and earn money comes second after YouTube and both of these are very big sources of Earn Money Online.

So if you are looking for a way to create a blog for free, which is absolutely free, then this post is for you, where by reading this post, you can know the complete way to create a free blog and earn money from your mobile or computer.

If you want to earn money from Google Adsense by making Youtube Channel, then you can read the complete method of how to make Youtube Channel by clicking on the link.

But if you want to earn money from Google Adsense for free by creating a completely free blog website, then read this post completely, in which complete information about how to make a free blog and how to earn money has been given in detail.

What is a blog? & how to write hindi blog and earn money?

Blog means a kind of blog in which a person writes his experience, knowledge and the story of his whole life like a book, the only difference is that people buy books by paying money and then read and blogs are read on mobile by searching on the internet.

If you still have any question about what is a blog, for that you can read some posts where you will get complete information about what is a blog.

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On which topic should I make a free blog?

Friends, do you want to make a free blog or want to make a paid blog, a blog topic is needed to make a blog, blog topic means the subject of the blog, on which topic you want to make a blog, you should decide before making a blog.

Because when you know the topic of your blog, you create your blog related to that topic, in which the name of your blog, Blog URL can be related to all topics, which helps you a lot in Google ranking and also to the user who reads the blog.

Keyword means whatever you search in Google, Google gives you its result, it is called a keyword, so whatever blogging topic you choose here, choose some easy topics on which keywords a big site Google Ranks in or that keyword competition is high, you do not have to choose such a topic.

This keyword, the competition of the keyword, its searches or all are understood by a professional blogger, the new blogger who wants to start free blogging will not understand this, but if you understand all this, then you should select only a low competition topic.

If you understand these things, then you should choose the topic about which you have knowledge or we have told about some of the best blogging topics here.

Arts & Entertainment News Blog Autos & Vehicles
Business & Industrial Beauty & Fitness Youtube Blog
Affiliate Blog Computers & Electronics Books & Literature
Technology & Science Vlogging &Blogging Reference
Shopping Finance Sports
Games Real Estate Health
Internet & Telecom Food & Drink Travel Blog
Web Story Jobs & Education Apps Review
Hobbies & Leisure Online Communities Home & Garden
People & Society Law & Government Pets & Animals

These are some of the best 30 blog topics

On which platform to create a free blog?

Friends, if you are thinking of making a free blog, then you have to choose a good free blogging platform, Blogging Platform means in the way of making a blog, on which platform you will make your free blog because there are thousands of free blog making platforms on the internet.

But it is also necessary to choose which platform will be better for you in those platforms, because each platform has different facilities, which is the benefit of your free blogging.

Here, before choosing any platform, you have to see for what purpose you want to start free blogging, if your aim is to earn money from free blogging, then you have to choose money earning platforms in free blogging also because from all free blogging platforms you can make money. Can’t earn money.

Friends, if we talk about the best blogging platform, then there is no better platform than WordPress, but it is Paid where it costs money to create a blog, but here we are talking about creating a free blog.

So there is no better platform than Blogger in the free blogging platform, which is right for both learning blogging or earning money, although a free blog can also be made on WordPress, but if you want to make a blog to earn money, then you have to choose Blogger only. needed.

Here I will tell you how to make Blogger Vs WordPress free blog, but my opinion is that if you really want to earn money from blogging, then leaving the dream of making a free blog, you should buy Hosting and Domain on WordPress and make a blog.

If you do not have money, then you can go to Blogger, but here also you should make a free blog by buying a domain or if you want to make a blog for fun, then you can choose any platform.

How to make a free blog from mobile?

Creating a free blog from mobile instead of laptop or computer is a bit difficult and because of this you must know that there are more options in laptop or computer than mobile and its screen is also bigger.

But this does not mean that a free blog cannot be made from mobile, I have made my own free blog from mobile, yes it takes a little hard work but it is done.

The biggest problem that comes in creating a free blog from mobile is that it comes to change anything in the HTML Coding of the blog and without HTML Coding, a free blog cannot be created.

But you will not be surprised, I will tell you such steps that you will easily be able to create your free blog and earn money for free, so let’s know what is the way to create a free blog from mobile that earns money.

How to create a free blog on blogger?

Friends, before knowing how to create a free blog on, you should know that WordPress blog is the best blog to earn money.

In such a situation, if you want to create a blog on WordPress, then you can buy Hostinger’s Up to 80% OFF Web Hosting Plans + FREE Domain + FREE SSL + FREE Cloudflare by visiting this link from here.

If you are not liking this hosting of Hostinger and Bluehost, then you can read this post Best Hosting Kaise Buy Kare, in which 10+ best hosting has been told from where you can choose any hosting.

So let us now know in detail about how to make a free blog on blogger and how to earn money from this free blog.

Step 1. go to blogger’s website

First of all, you have to go to blogger’s official website or you can go to, both of them are the same for which open the browser and search this URL or you click on this link.

Step 2. Click on create your blog

As soon as you go to’s website, here you see some such option as shown where you have to click on “Create your blog”.

Step 3. Sign Up with Gmail Id

Now the option to sign up will come in front of you, here you have to sign up with any of your Gmail Id, for which you can easily sign up by giving Gmail Id and password.

Friends, it is worth noting here that if you are already Sign In, then here you will not see the option of Sign Up and you will reach the next step.

Step 4. Enter the name of your blog

Now you have to write the name of your blog here, like I want to name my blog Manoj K Ideas, then you have to name your blog in the same way and now you have to click on Next.

Step 5. Enter the URL name of your blog

  • Now you have to enter your blog address here, this will be the URL of your blog, people will come to your blog by searching this, it should be small and unique.
  • After entering the Blog Address, this blog Address is Available will appear written below.
  • If “Sorry, This Blog Address is Not Available” is written, then the name of the Blog Address has to be changed.
  • When you see “This Blog Address is Available” written only after that you have to click on Next

Step 6. Enter your name

Now here you can write the name of the author of your blog, which will be the Display Name, the user will always see the same name in your blog as I have named my blog, now you have to click on Finish

Step 7. Your blog has been created

Now your free blog has been created, the Dashboard of your blog will open and you will see the option of New Post “Plus”, by clicking on it you can write your post and publish it on your blog.

This was the way to create a blog, which was the way to create a free blog website on Blogger, but your work does not end just by creating a blog.

Now you will see the option of View Blog below, by clicking on it you can see how your blog is looking and you can make your blog more professional by customizing it.

How to create a free blog on WordPress?

Friends, a free blog can be made on WordPress, as I already told you, but it does not make any sense for me to make this blog, because you can make this free blog for free only for one year, then you will get some money. You have to pay otherwise your free blog will be closed.

If you want to make a blog by investing money, then better make a blog on by purchasing Web Hosting and Domain Name, it will be better than any other blog.

Free blogs on this are made by the same people who just want to learn something about blogging, if you want to make money earning blog, then it would be more correct to make a blog on Blogger for free or by buying hosting on WordPress.

So let’s know how to make this WordPress free blog, what is the method that you can use to learn blogging.

Step1. go to wordpress website

For this, first of all you have to go to the site of, for which you will search in a browser or you can also go to this site by clicking on this link.

Step 2. Click on Start Your Website

As soon as you go to the website of, here you have to click on the option given below Start Your Website, then the next page will open.

Step 3. Login with Email ID

Now here you will first have to log in with your Email Id, for which you will have to click on Create Your Account by entering your Email id, User Name and Password in the given box.

Or you can also login to WordPress by clicking on Direct Continue With Google or Continue With Apple where you will see this type of option.

Step 4. Choose the domain name of the blog

  • Now here you have to choose a Domain Name, for which you have to write any one name in the given box, now all the domains available with that name will appear.
  • Now from here you can choose any domain which you will get free for one year.
  • After this, you will have to pay the money of the given plan, 4 $ or 25 $, which you select, otherwise your site will be closed after one year.
  • As soon as you click on a domain, it will take a few seconds and your blog will be created and you will reach this page.

Step 5. Fill your contact information

Here you have to give some contact information about yourself, if you want, you can also leave it and you can customize your blog by clicking on edit.

As soon as you click on edit you will be taken to your WordPress dashboard which looks like this.

Step 6. Your blog has been created

Here you will get every single option by which you can customize your blog and make it better and better.

Friends, earlier did not provide such option but some updates have come after which you are getting to see such option which is providing same feature like

But still there is a lot of difference between blog and this blog and why not it is your free blog and blog made by paying money on then how can both be same.

How to write a blog?

Friends, in this way your free blog also becomes a professional blog, but you have created a blog and customized it well, but the main task of creating a blog is to write a blog post, so let’s know how to write a blog post.

  • Step 1. First of all, you have to go to and click on the “Create New Post” option given on its dashboard, where you get to see all the options for writing a blog post.
  • Step 2. Now you have to put the title on the top, then on which topic you are writing the post, that title is what you have to write here.
  • Step 3. Now below you will start writing the post, first of all you have to give introduction in the post like what you are going to tell in the post.
  • Step 4. After this you have to add Table Of Contents, now how to add Table Of Contents, for this you can read this post on blogger how to add Table Of Contents (TOC) in blog post.
  • Step 5. Then whatever you want to tell in the post, you have to write well heading wise, paragraph wise, friends, you can make the post very beautiful by using all the options shown above.
  • Step 6. In the end, you have to write the Conclusion that how you have told things and how you have told them.
  • Step 7. Now you have to put photos and videos in it so that the post looks good, these photos and videos should be related to the post.
  • Step 8. Now you have to do On-Page SEO of this blog post, which you will get complete information about what is on-page SEO and how to do it in this post.
  • Step 9. Now click on the setting icon above and set the label, add description, now click on publish above and your post will be published.
  • Step 10. Friends, here I have only told how to publish a blog, but for information about how to write a good blog post that ranks in Google, you can read this post on how to write SEO Friendly Blog Post.

How to earn money from free blog?

Google Adsense is a very good option to earn money from a free blog, for this you have to create an account of Google Adsense and take its Approval.

Then after getting approval, Google Adsense ads have to be placed in your free blog, now whatever users come to your blog, they also see ads along with your post and you get money for watching these ads and clicking on ads. .

For this, you will come to the dashboard of your free blog and click on threedot, then by clicking on “Earnings” you can create Google Adsense account for free.

Many people do not get the approval of Google Adsense, you can get Approval by fulfilling the rules and necessary conditions for getting approval or you can try to get Approval from Ezoic, so that you can easily get Approval.

  1. Earn money by doing affiliate marketing on free blog
  2. Earn money by selling your blog
  3. Earn money from blog by taking sponsorship
  4. Earn money from blog through Google AdSense or other Ads (Ezoic Adsvictory,, Propeller Ads)
  5. Earn money from the referral program of Apps or Websites
  6. Earn money through URL Shortener
  7. earn money by giving banklink to other blog
  8. earn money by selling a product

How to make a blog on Google?

Friends, making a blog on Google and making a blog on Blogger is the same thing because Blogger is a product of Google, then making it on Blogger is called making a blog on Google.

Is it possible to earn money from a free blog?

Yes, if you create a free blog on Blogger, then you can earn money from it because Google Adsense’s Approval is also available on this blog, as well as earning from this free blog in other ways.

How many types of blog are there?

Friends, there are only two types of blogs, first – personal blog and second professional blog.

Conclusion – How to Create Free Blog and Earn Money 2023

Friends, this was how to write hindi blog and earn money? The easy way in which you know how to create a free blog on WordPress and Blogger, in which I have given complete information about how to earn money from a free blog with the complete method of creating a blog, from what is a blog.

So hope you have liked this article on how to make a blog for free and how to earn money, if you still face any problem, then you can ask in the comment, follow us on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram for similar information.

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