Google Question Hub – Is it Useful for SEO? [Get Unlimited Traffic 2023]

If you are an old blogger, then you will know about what is Google Question Hub and how to use it, how you can extract good keywords from Google Question Hub and increase the traffic of your blog.

But thousands of new Bloggers come daily on the Internet to earn money from Blogging and work in Blogging for some time and then leave because they do not know about the methods of bringing traffic to their blog.

Friends, the easier it is to create a blog, the more difficult it is to write blog posts everyday for that blog, for which we need new ideas and keywords everyday. Google Question Hub is also a similar platform from where you can get new ideas everyday. You can write blog posts by taking new Keyword Ideas and by this you can increase the traffic of your blog.

After reading the complete post, you will get information about how to use Google Question Hub, but the most important thing about Google Question Hub is that whatever keywords you get here, it is a completely new keyword to be searched in Google. Google article has not yet been written on the keyword.

In such a situation, you have a better opportunity that by writing articles on those keywords, you can easily rank on the first number of Google and bring a lot of traffic to your blog post.

So if you are a new blogger and the traffic of your blog is not increasing, then read this post completely, in this you have been given detailed information about what is Google Question Hub, how to use it and how to increase the traffic of your blog.

Friends, although there are many other ways to increase Blog Traffic, from doing keyword research to writing blog posts and using social media, but when it comes to getting organic traffic from Google, Google Question Hub is one of the methods. Plays an important role that you must use.

So let’s first know what is Google Question Hub and how it works.

What is Google Question Hub?

question hub

Google Question Hub is a tool that focuses only on Unanswered Questions searched in Google and restores those questions in its Question Hub from where any blogger can write an article on these questions means those questions Can give answer.

By the way, this tool is only for the work of a blogger, which has been created by Google itself, which means that it is a Google Developed Platform, the main purpose of which is to make that whatever questions are searched in Google, how many of those questions are answered on Google? Is there and how many questions’ answers are not available, to get those questions.

For example, suppose you search on Google, what is Mobile, how to buy, then you will get many results, on which you can click to know what is Mobile, how to buy, but if a single article had not been written on this question, then you would have The answer to this question cannot be found because there are many such questions whose answer is not in Google’s search result.

Google Question Hub filters such questions and saves them in its Question Hub and when we bloggers login to this Google Question Hub, then that question is shown to us, on which you can create a blog post and publish it, which is easy. It is ranked first because there is no other article on that topic.

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What are the advantages of Google Question Hub?

Friends, as I have told that in Google Question Hub, you get ideas of new keywords, which is only for the benefit of a blogger, so that they get good keywords on which they rank easily by writing posts.

But this Google Question Hub is also used by many Youtubers because you would know that Youtube’s video is also ranked in Google and anyway when a user does not get the answer to his question in Google, then the same question is also in Youtube. Searches.

By the way, Youtuber does not have as much benefit from this Google Question Hub as Blogger, but still both can use it, so let’s know what are the benefits of this?

Get an idea to write a new blog post?

New bloggers who do not get the topic or keyword to write a post, they can take topic ideas from here, for which you do not need to do any research, this is the biggest advantage that Google itself gives you Blog Topic Ideas on which you can You can easily rank and bring traffic to your blog.

Does this increase your post ranking?

Friends, you must have seen that you target many big keywords, on which it is difficult to rank because its competition is very high, but when you write a post by picking keywords from here, then this post is easily ranked as well. Only your old post also helps in ranking.

Can this increase the traffic of the blog?

Friends, the special thing about Google Question Hub is that you can give your post Url here from where the direct user goes to your site because you can write a post on the keywords you get in Google Question Hub and the URL of that post is there. From where you get both direct and organic traffic.

Does writing high quality content help?

In this way, whatever content you write is called a high quality content, which is a unique content that you do not find on Google, many people have questions that what is High Quality Content, then this is called High Quality Content. .

How to use Google Question Hub?

Friends, it is very easy to use Google Question Hub, many people have doubts whether Google Question Hub has to be approved, so I have not seen any such facility in it, I have just joined it with my Email ID and using it I am staying

Similarly, by joining it, you can extract new Keyword ideas and publish it on your blog by making a blog post and add that post URL to this Google Question Hub, so let us know that you are doing this Google Question How to join Hub?

How to join Google Question Hub?

Friends, before joining Google Question Hub, many bloggers think whether they will have to join Google Question Hub with the same Email Id from which their blog is created.

So the answer is that it is not necessary, you can join Google Question Hub with any Email Id, it has nothing to do with Blog, nor is it going to cause any problem.

So let’s now know in detail step by step how to join Google Question Hub –

step 1

Friends, to join or create an account of Google Question Hub, first of all you have to go to the official website of Question Hub, for which you search in Google Google Question Hub and click on the first link or this link You can also visit this site by clicking on .com/.

As soon as you click on this link, the site of Google Question Hub opens where you get to see such an option in which you have to click on the Sign Up button.

google question hub

Step 2

By clicking on Sign Up, the option of Sign Up will open in front of you where you will have to Sign Up with a Gmail Id and allow account permissions.

Just by allowing the permission of the account, your account will be created on Google Question Hub.

step 3

In this way, after the account is created, on the next page you will have to select Verified Sites to use Google Question Hub and click on Next.

step 4

As soon as you click on Next, the next page will open where you have to select Language, Country and Email Id and click on Getstarted.

step 5

In the next step, you have to select the blog topic, here select the topic related to your Niche blog.

step 6

In the next step, by clicking on the Add Question button, choose and search the category of your blog and add a question and click on the Done button.

step 7

Now new questions related to the question you added will appear here, the time since when this question is being searched in Google will also be visible.

From this you can know that this is a completely new question and you can create a blog post above that question meaning keyword.

In this way you can use Google Question Hub and there is also an option to give a link to your blog post next to the keyword you got from here.

For which first write a complete article on that keyword, publish it on your blog and copy its URL and add it here, in this way you can make better use of Google Question Hub.

Many people have questions that how many questions can be added in Google Question Hub in a day, then the answer is that you can add 300 to 500 questions in Google Question Hub in a day.

Conclusion: – What is Google Question Hub and how to use it?

So friends, this was some information about Google Question Hub, in which you learned what Google Question Hub is, how it is used, how it is joined and how to increase traffic on the blog.

I hope this information will be helpful for you, which you will also like, using which you can easily find keywords and by making blog posts, you will be able to earn well from the blog by bringing traffic to your blog.

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