call forwarding meaning – What is Call Forwarding and how to do it?

Call Forwarding Meaning, What is Call Forwarding and how to do it? In today’s post, you will know what is Call Forwarding, what is Call Forwarding Meaning and how to call forward one number to another or how to call divert if you are looking for a way to do Call Forwarding then this This post is for you only.

Now even if that Sim Card remains out of the mobile, all the calls coming on it will start coming on the number on which you forward it and you will be able to talk too, this is the Meaning of Call Forwarding.

Generally, in today’s time, except for some mobile phones, all mobile phones have the option of installing two Sim cards, but there are some people who keep 3,4 or more Sim cards with them.

In such a situation, if you want, you can keep all the Sim Card numbers running by Call Forwarding all your Sim Cards like this, then let us know what is Call Forwarding and what is the meaning of Call Forwarding.

What is Call Forwarding?

If you understand this in simple language, then suppose you have two numbers Airtel and Vodafone, now if you want, you can send (Transfer) the incoming call that comes on Airtel number to Vodafone number.

The process of sending (Transfer) the incoming call of a mobile number to another mobile number is called Call Forwarding, which means to forward the call, Call Forward is also known as Call Divert, both of them are the same.

This is an Incoming Call Switching System by which the incoming call of a number is transferred from one mobile to another mobile.

Once the Call Forwarding setup of a number is done, whether that number is on or off in the mobile, that number is connected to the mobile or out of the mobile, in every situation all its calls are forwarded to another number.

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Call forwarding

Friends, by doing Call Forwarding, the incoming Call Forward coming to your mobile number goes to another number on which you set Call Forwarding.

For example, you have a mobile number +91223456790 and you have set Call Forwarding by putting another number in this number, then your number +91223456790 will start going to the second number.

Here all the incoming calls of your number can go to another number or only some limited calls can be forwarded, which you decide while setting Call Forwarding yourself and on the basis of that the calls of your number are also forwarded.

Here, when the incoming call of your number is forwarded to another number, that person can also receive this call and can also talk on the call, but in this process the bank of your number is deducted. Balance will be deducted if Unlimited Validity Pack is not recharged.

Till now you must have understood what happens with Call Forwarding or what is the meaning of Call Forwarding, let us now know why call forwarding is done and what are the reasons for it.

Why do Call Forwarding?

Friends, Call Forwarding is not an essential task that you must do, but it is a feature of Call Settings, which allows you to forward incoming calls of your number to another number, which can be very helpful for someone.

For example, suppose you are going somewhere and your mobile gets damaged, then you can do Call Forwarding On in your SIM card on your friend’s number, so that all the calls of your number will start going to your friend’s number and you Can also talk on mobile.

Many times it also happens that you have only one mobile and simcard is more than one 2,3,4, then you can do call forwarding to all simcards on the same number, just like this you can use Calling Forwarding facility.

How to transfer phone call to another phone?

To transfer a phone call to another phone, there is a feature of Call Forward or Call Divert in the setting of all mobile phones, just you have to go to the setting and turn on that feature.

Apart from this, all Sim card companies also provide some code to their customers, which has to be dialed only from their number and your Call Forward or Call Divert starts, so let’s know about both the features one by one.

How to Call Forward/Divert?

Method 1 – From the call setting of the phone

For this, you have to go to Call Setting of your mobile, you will go to Call Dialer in Android Mobile and open Call Setting by clicking on Three Dot above or this call setting can also be in mobile setting.

On opening Call Setting, you will have to select Sim, if two Sim Cards are installed in the mobile, otherwise you get the option of Call Forwarding.

Now you have to click on Call Forwarding, as soon as you click on Call Forwarding, you will see four options like this, so first of all we understand about it.

1. Always Forward

Choosing this option means that you want to transfer all your incoming calls to another number, now your first number will not receive any calls.

2. When Busy

This option means when you are busy somewhere, you are talking to someone and if someone else calls you on the same number, you can forward that call to another number.

3. When Unanswered

When our phone is kept somewhere, when we are not able to receive the call, when this option is on, when the call comes, if you do not receive the call, then it will forward the call to another number.

4. When Unreachable

Sometimes there is no network in our phone, the mobile is switched off or the SIM card is not inserted in the mobile, in this situation your incoming call is forwarded to another number.

It simply means that if your SIM card is active, then the call will come on the same number, if it is closed for some reason or if there is no network, then it will go to another number.

Select the option you want to select and enter the number below on which you want to forward the call, then click on Turn On Button.

Now your incoming call will be forwarded to another number, on that number you will turn on Call Forwarding by entering here, this is the first method, now let’s know about the second method.

Method 2 – From USSD Code

In Method 2, you can do Call Forwarding to any number through some code, for this all companies have different codes, so let’s know one by one about all Sim’s codes and its use.

How to start Jio Call Forwarding?

For this you have to dial *401*<10 digit number> from the Jio number you want to forward.

This 10 digit number will be the second number on which you want to forward your Jio number.

How to do Airtel Call Forwarding?

There are two codes for Call Forwarding in Airtel (**002*10 digit number) and (**21*10 digit number) dial it from your Airtel number instead of 10 digit number you have to enter Forwarded number.

How to do Vodafone Call Forwarding?

The process which I have told above for Jio and Airtel is also the same, just change the code ( ** 67 * 10 digit number # )

Note – The number which you will forward to another number should have sufficient balance in that number, suppose you are forwarding Airtel to Vodafone then there should be balance in Airtel.

When Airtel’s call forward will go to Vodafone, then your Airtel balance will be deducted. The more you talk, the more balance will be deducted.

How to remove Call Forward/Divert?

Friends, Meaning of Call Forwarding is as beneficial as it can be harmful if you do not use it properly because when the call forward / divert goes to another number then the balance of your number is also cut, so this feature It is also very important to stop after use.

So let us now know how to remove this forwarded call, that is, we can stop it so that the call of your number does not go to another number, for this also you get two options, the same two options which you used to divert the call. did.

Method 1 – From the call setting of the phone

Friends, the way I told you how to start Forwarding, you will also have to turn it off, for which you will again have to go to the same Call Forwarding setting and just turn off the option you have turned on.

I have told you the complete way to go to the Forwarding setting above where you have turned on the Call Forwarding setting by entering the mobile number, just turn it off, there is no need to delete this number from here.

Call Forwarding will stop as soon as you turn off the setting, that is, Call Forwarding will be removed and calls will start coming again on your number, for which you can read this post on how to remove Call Forwarding.

Method 2 – From USSD Code

Friends, this method is quite simple, in the same way as you have started Call Forwarding by dialing Ussd Code, you can also stop Call Forwarding by dialing Ussd Code.

Just for this you will need to remember Call Forwarding Deactivation Code because Call Forwarding Deactivation Code and Activation Code are different.

Call Forwarding Deactivation Code : ##002#

For this, you just have to dial ##002# from the number on which Call Forwarding is enabled, as if you dial so much, your Call Forwarding will be removed, which is the same Ussd Code ##002# for all SIM cards.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Call Forwarding

Friends, after knowing the meaning of Call Forwarding, it has its advantages, we also know some of its disadvantages so that you can better understand the meaning of call forwarding, so we will talk about its disadvantages along with knowing its advantages.

  • 1. Friends, the biggest advantage of this Call Forwarding is that you can forward the number to another number at any time when the battery of the phone is low or the phone gets damaged.
  • 2. But there is also a disadvantage in this work that when the call of your number is forwarded to another number and you talk after receiving the call on the second number, then the balance of your first forwarded number is deducted if there is no unlimited pack.
  • 3. In this call Call Forwarding also you get four options which are used in different conditions, in which the best one can forward your call to another number if there is no network in your mobile.

Due to which your number is not out of the network even for a second, if the network comes in your mobile, then the call will come on the same number, if there is no network, it will be forwarded to another number.

These are some special advantages and disadvantages that it was necessary for you to know what is Call Forwarding Meaning and how to use it.

Conclusion – Call Forwarding Meaning 2023

So friends, this was today’s article in which you have come to know what is Call Forwarding and how to do Call Forwarding, I hope this information will be helpful for you so that you have got to learn something.

If you like this information Meaning Of Call Forwarding, then share it with your friends on social media. If there is any problem, please tell in the comment.

FAQs –

Q. What is the meaning of call forwarding?

Ans – Friends Call Forwarding is an English word which is called Call Forwarding, which means I have told you in detail in this post.

Q. Call Forwarding Erase Successful Meaning?

Ans – Friends, there are four conditions for Call Forwarding, we know these four conditions as Erase, if any Call Forwarding is Active in these four Erase, then that is Calling Forwarding Erase Successful Meaning.

Q. Call Forwarding Voice Not Forwarded Meaning?

Ans – Friends, in Call Forwarding, your call is forwarded from one mobile number to another number and when you receive that call, sometimes the voice does not come due to the network, then this is the voice not forwarded meaning of Call forwarding. .

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